Zepol has announced that they have greatly improved the speed and performance of their flagship product, TradeIQ’, by fully upgrading their trade database infrastructure. This upgrade accelerated the speed of the fastest trade database in the marketplace to return results even more quickly. This allows Zepol to provide a consistently fast service that is not subject to slow downs during periods of heavy usage or lags when conducting large searches. With record usage in the month of February, Zepol doubled search speed and increased scalability.

“While others pay lip service to improving technology and investing in their product offerings, Zepol’s users are seeing the results of our enhancements on a daily basis,” states Paul Rasmussen, CEO & President of Zepol Corporation. “TradeIQ’ users receive results nearly twice as fast as before our infrastructure improvements, getting them to the specific trade information they need quicker than any competing trade database. With over 65 million shipment records, covering over six years of US trade activity, our users have unparalleled access to the import trade data they need to run their businesses.” Zepol’s TradeIQ’ is different from all other trade databases, both in structure and functionality. Zepol’s users can do large aggregate analyses and specific company or product searches on any import market. All the work is done within the TradeIQ’ interface, helping companies make better business decisions without time intensive manipulation in Excel’. Queries are instantly processed by US based servers and immediately returned to nearly 1,000 users around the world.

Recently, Zepol also introduced a new trade data solution for customers in a Beta product called TradeView ’. This new product promises to revolutionize how international trade professionals see product movements and trade trends.