TradeView™ provides Merchandise Trade and Port HS6 trade data sets

Zepol Corporation, a trade data intelligence company, announced the formal launch of its new merchandise trade data tool, TradeView™. TradeView™ is the first trade data product on the market that allows subscribers to analyze both imports and exports at the same time. Using the Merchandise Trade and Port HS6 data sets released by the Foreign Trade Division of the US Census Bureau, Zepol’s TradeView™ represents a significant advance in trade data tools addressing merchandise trade data, surpassing the US government’s USA Trade¨ Online in functionality and reporting capabilities.

“We developed TradeView™ by taking actual trade data users’ experiences and applying their needs into an innovative trade data tool that no other product can match,” states Paul Rasmussen, CEO & President of Zepol Corporation. “Zepol has eliminated the need for users to spend over $14,000 on the source data and countless hours of clumsy data analysis, while providing enormous value over the US government’s more primitive trade data tools.”

TradeView™ is available for purchase at on a subscription-basis for $895 for unlimited annual access. Subscribers have access to import, export, and balance US Census trade data from January 2007 through the present.

Over the last five months, Zepol’s TradeIQ™ subscribers were provided a Beta version of TradeView™. This not only added additional value to their US Customs trade data subscriptions, but allowed Zepol to learn how real trade data users incorporate US Census trade data into key business decisions. Because of the overwhelmingly positive response from Zepol’s current users, TradeView™ is now available as a standalone purchase and also with all TradeIQ™ subscription options.

Zepol technology enables users to view export, import, and balance data sets simultaneously. In addition, users can quickly change the dimension of information they are viewing to dynamically create reports that fully analyze the US trade economy. Subscribers are able to add different metrics (including values, weights, and quantities) with just a few clicks within the TradeView™ interface, providing analysis that can measure imports and exports of commodities by transportation type, duties and charges, and number of transactions.