ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., a global container liner shipping company, announced today the establishment of ZIMARK, a technology-based company formed in collaboration with the Israeli startup Sodyo Ltd., to provide next generation scanning solutions for the logistics and supply chain sectors. In addition to the joint venture with Sodyo in the establishment of ZIMARK, ZIM will also make a direct equity investment in Sodyo.

ZIMARK will provide its customers innovative scanning solutions using Sodyo’s groundbreaking patented technology for connecting offline content to the online world.

The ZIMARK scanning technology, based on colorful markers, image recognition and advanced algorithms, is the most advanced in the market, enabling accurate scans from virtually any distance and allowing scans of multiple markers simultaneously, along with a set of additional features. ZIMARK will enable companies in the supply chain industry to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service.

ZIMARK will be led by Karin Levy as CEO. Ms. Levy brings with her extensive international experience in the maritime, logistics and supply chain industries. Ms. Levy has served in various senior positions at ZIM for the last 15 years. She has led large-scale functions, in both commercial and operational capacities. In her most recent position, Ms. Levy served as the President of ZIM’s Caribbean and Central America District in Miami.

(L to R) Alon Raz – Sodyo CEO, Eli Glickman – Zim CEO, Karin Levy – ZIMARK CEO

ZIM CEO Eli Glickman: “ZIMARK’s new disruptive technology has the potential to revolutionize scanning, with an impact on shipping and logistics consistent with landmark innovations that have transformed other industries including the introduction of color images in broadcasting. ZIMARK will create a new global standard, providing a much-needed solution for effectively operating in complex global supply chains. We expect ZIMARK’s advantages, such as long-range scanning capabilities, scanning of multiple items simultaneously and other ground-breaking features to provide significant performance, cost, and efficiency benefits to the maritime, logistics and supply chain industries. We are very excited to add ZIMARK to our growing portfolio of companies realizing our strategy of bringing advanced technological solutions to the shipping and logistics sectors.

ZIM COO David Arbel: “ZIMARK will offer an advanced, state-of-the-art, solution for the logistics and supply chain industries, from inventory management through asset tracking, access control and more. We are delighted that leading companies in the industry have already expressed significant interest in ZIMARK’s innovative solutions.”

Sodyo’s CEO Alon Raz: “As a global player with vast expertise and an innovative approach, ZIM is the ideal partner to bring our unique technology to the world of logistics. The new company brings together the best of both worlds – ZIM’s logistics expertise and Sodyo’s technology - to create new opportunities in the market.”