A new Speedy eCommerce service from China and South-East Asia to the US East Coast expands ZIM’s Speedy Premium Services for eCommerce customers

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (ZIM) announced the launch of ZIM Ecommerce Baltimore Express (ZXB), a new and speedy e-commerce service, in March 2022.

ZXB will operate on the following route: Yantian – Cai Mep - Baltimore – New York – Boston – Yantian

The service will commence with a bi-weekly frequency and build up to weekly within a few months. Exact schedule and vessels line up will be published in the coming days.

ZXB will be operated exclusively by ZIM, offering customers a wide range of advantages including the fastest transit time to Baltimore; guaranteed space and equipment without rolling; late cutoff from Asia Ports; dedicated out-of-gate lane to avoid queues in Baltimore; and expedited rail/air/road connections to inland destinations. All wrapped with ZIM’s unique “A2Z” customer centric customer service offering.

Eli Glickman, ZIM President & CEO noted: “The opening of this new service is another example of our efforts to develop our speedy and dedicated premium lines, which constitute a highly competitive alternative to air freight. As part of our vision and strategy, we are taking initiatives to support our customers especially during this difficult time of supply chain disruptions. This new line is another building block in our ZIM eCommerce eXpress lines, which we launched in 2020 with our first line from South China to Los Angeles and developed to become a network of multiple lines with the addition of the new ZXB service.”