Terport Villeta

Parana River

Paraguay’s Economy

Terport Villeta, a new river container terminal, is positioned to become the transport hub of south-central South America and the main hub for international container commerce in Paraguay. The opening of the terminal in October 2018 included the installation of Navis’ N4 terminal operating system augmenting competitiveness to global standards. These new infrastructure enhancements will enable Paraguay to meet the challenges to integrate with the global economy from recent and pending trade agreements.

Terport Villeta is a new river container terminal in Paraguay.
Terport Villeta is a new river container terminal in Paraguay.

Terport Villeta is one of two terminals under Terport Terminales Portuarias SA. Terport Villeta developed because of the success of nearby San Antonio since 2002. Volumes grew and the Board of Directors invested in new land and planned a phased greenfield state-of-the-art terminal. “Both terminals are now operational and complement each other with all containers handled in Villeta and all general cargo Lift-on/Lift-off and Roll-on/Roll-off operating in San Antonio,” said Bernd Gunther, operations manager, Terport in a recent interview for the American Journal of Transportation.

San Antonio is on 37 acres with 394 feet of coastline on the Parana river with a draft of 32.8 feet, 4,500 container yard slots and 240 reefer plugs. The new and larger Villeta is on 50 acres with 1050 feet coastline, 8,500 twenty equivalent unit (TEU) container capacity park and 350 reefer plugs. Villeta has better draft to receive larger barges and vessels.