Southern California Teamsters seek “employee” recognition for harbor truckers

A watershed battle between the Teamsters Union and Pacific 9 Transportation in Southern California may be the tipping point in the union’s efforts to force harbor-trucking companies to reclassify drivers from independent contractors to employees.
Is Oakland’s loss Southern California’s gain?

On August 24th, MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Inc.) sent out a notice to their customers stating that the G-6 ocean carrier alliance “has decided to omit Oakland on the SC1 service for the following three vessels due to severe delays to vessels being experienced in Oakland.”
Review: “Port Town” a history of Port of Long Beach

f you are looking for a Christmas present for that special someone who works in the U.S. maritime or port related industries, then the new book Port Town, published by the Port of Long Beach, will be a good investment.
AG exporters demand change from PMA and ILWU

Agricultural exporters and truckers attending the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) annual meeting in San Francisco expressed anger and frustration about losses and delays incurred during the recent cargo handling slow down at West Coast ports.
Ag exporters face loss of harbor truckers

Agricultural exporters attending the Agriculture Transportation Coalition conference in San Francisco will hear a warning about losing more harbor truckers who drive their exports to U.S. ports from Ken Kellaway, president of RoadOne Intermodal Logistics.
Will Rosenthal and Eco Flow re-engineer harbor trucking?

It’s a concept that is hard to wrap your head around. But Jonathan Rosenthal’s idea is just the sort of thing to send it all topsy-turvy.
Port of San Francisco still does freight

Although San Francisco is more noted for a bridge, a song and the Giants, the port still moves the freight necessary to build the buildings in the booming Bay Area and Silicon Valley.
California ports face tougher challenges in 2015

There’s little doubt that California’s ports face a tough 2015, the real question is whether the issues linger longer.
West Coast labor disputes made shippers “The Victim”

John Amos, former global transportation director for Bechtel Corporation, former Chairman of the Board of The (NITL) National Industrial Transportation League and an organizer of the Breakbulk Europe conference in Antwerp says that shippers have been the “’the victim” of the recent West Coast labor slow down.
Teamsters and Non-Union Harbor Trucker Join Forces To Start New Trucking Company

The effort to unionize Southern California harbor truck drivers took an unexpected turn on May 4th when Saybrook Capital, prime investor in Total Transportation Services, Inc (TTS) - an opponent of unionization of drivers, announced that it has started a “sister” company supported by the Teamsters Union.

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