PORT SECURITY & Technology 2006 - New York inventor develops cargo security method

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Jeffrey Garfinkle of New York has developed a method of screening and protecting freight prior to transportation on a carrier.According to the US Patent & Trademark Office: “A comprehensive and effective system at detecting unauthorized hazardous materials such as explosives potentially placed by terrorists in cargo or freight, such as air cargo, is disclosed. The system is cost effective and is non-disruptive to shippers of cargo. The system provided in one or more embodiments is capable of virtually guaranteeing the continuous security and integrity of cargo or freight during the storage and transit process. The system provides a combination of advanced X-ray technology and packaging technology.”
An abstract of the invention, released by the Patent Office, said: “A method is disclosed comprising the steps of applying X-rays with an X-ray machine to freight and placing a cover on the freight. The step of placing the cover on the freight may include locking the cover on the freight with a lock. The lock may include an electronic memory, which is programmed with a unique code, which identifies the freight and indicates whether it has been tampered with.”
The inventor was issued US Patent No. 6,982,643 on Jan. 3.
The patent has been assigned to Freight Glove Technologies LLC, New York.
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