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By Karen E. Thuermer, AJOTTechnology plays a big role in creating speed and efficiency for carriers and terminal operators. Advent Inc. specializes in software applications for marine transportation, back office, and container operations, among other uses. Since the company was founded in 1995, Advent’s vast experience has included the development of global operating systems for multi-national ocean carriers, complete management systems for terminal operators, innovative transportation web sites, and transportation consulting services.
Among its clients is Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping, a global leader in auto logistics. MOL operates a large, flexible fleet of pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) designed to accommodate all types of vehicles, from completed passenger cars to construction machinery.
MOL has contracted Advent to provide a state-of-the-art operating system for their global vehicle transport operations. In step with the globalization of automobile manufacturing, MOL has developed a worldwide route network, in addition to their Japan-based export operations. MOL’s worldwide network now provides various comprehensive automobile logistics services to ports in more than 100 countries.
Matson Navigation Company, a shipper of automobiles to Hawaii, uses Advent’s Auto Terminal System to help it ship cars out of three terminals on the US West Coast and five terminals in Hawaii. Matson was looking for an integrated multi-terminal solution to managing the shipment of auto and other ro/ro cargo between Hawaii and the US mainland. The carrier required that the system be automated using barcodes to track cargo moving through the system. They also needed the ability to read the bar coded VIN number on the automobiles they shipped.
By using hand held computers, image scanners, belt printers, high speed bar code printers and long range 802.11 wireless networking, Matson is able to track vehicles from the moment they first arrive at a Matson facility until the moment they leave. The system enables users to plan both yard and vessel operations as well as forecast future yard and vessel inventory.
In the case of Sea Star Lines, Advent was able to help this carrier revitalize its operating systems by rewriting its quickly aging IQ Ships system, adapting its existing AutoTrack system to Sea Star’s terminal operations, revamping the SSL EDI infrastructure, and writing two new systems to solve niche issues within Sea Star’s office environment. Advent also created two new applications for Sea Star’s staff, an Auto Tracking system and a Rate Quotation system. These systems provide Sea Star with the ability to respond quickly to customers’ questions, and expands their ability to review current work and plan for future business.
Terminal utilizationTo date, most of Advent’s work has been in the United States, although it is pursing international clients. terminal operators are included among other clients.
“We also have similar systems for automotive shipments implemented at the Port of Jacksonville and the Port of Baltimore,” states Michael Mayhew, Vice President, Business Development. “These assist in loading and receiving automobiles.”
Advent is active with Cere Terminals Inc. It provides the Terminal Management System in five of the operator’s RoRo/container terminal locations in the ports of Baltimore, Virginia, Hueneme (CA), Houston and Jacksonville. Ceres required a centralized, web-based terminal management system that handled terminal operations for containers, automobiles and bulk cargo.
“Our unique ‘open source code’ approach to their new system allows Ceres to reap all the benefits of a traditional product based implementation and custom development without the problems usually encountered. It’s the best of both worlds,” states Joseph Saturnia, chief information officer, Advent, Inc.
Ceres required a centralized, web-based terminal management system that handled terminal operations for containers, automobiles and bulk cargo. After an extensive search b

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