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BIG Bremen - Economic Development

​BIG Bremen - Economic Development is the central service-providing body

for business and economic development of the German Federal State of

Bremen is an important hub for world trade and plays a significant
role as one of the prime logistics locations in Europe. Its prominent
location on the Weser
River, its immediate vicinity to the North Sea, its key position in
the center of Europe - the high-output container terminal in Bremerhaven
generates huge
quantities of goods are commissioned in Bremen or are processed

Wherever international trade is conducted, there is always
demand for logistics know-how. A tightly knit network made up of
logistical service companies, storage
locations and processing centers creates the best conditions for
transporting and processing goods.

In total, 3158 acres of commercial space is available for
logistical requirements, among that 1,873,350 m2 (20,163,767 sf) of
warehouse space. In the city, more
than 1,000 companies with over 20,000 employees are dedicated to the
business of logistics. 60,000 Employees in other logistic type companies
complete the range of
services offered in Bremen.

Investors profit from the high demand for warehouse space and appealing property, especially in the commercial areas of
Guterverkehrszentrum (GVZ), Bremen’s cargo transport center, the suppliers of the DaimlerChrysler plant and the Hansalinie.

One example is the recently completed high-bay racking
warehouse with over 200,000 palette sites- Europe’s largest - that is
shared by Tchibo, Minolta and
DaimlerChrysler and operated by the Bremen Port Operating Company
(BLG Logistic Group), Bremen’s leading logistics enterprise.

We are the partner you need on all matters relating to business and regional development.

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