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China Shipping

China Shipping Group (China Shipping) was founded on July 1,1997,in shanghai,the largest coastal city in China.It is one of the key state-owned enterprises under the direct administration of the Central Government and is a super-large shipping conglomerate that operates across different regions and countries. In 2004,China Shipping was awarded the best prize of development & reform in state-owned sector by Ministry of Propaganda and SASAC.Under its umbrella , there are five specialized shipping fleets of oil tankers,tramps,passenger ships,container vessels and special cargo ships,which comprise of over 440 vessels with an aggregated deadweight of 15 million tones and an annual traffic volume of over 270 million tones. China Shipping operates the diversified businesses of integrated logistics,ship management terminal management,finance and investment,engineering and labor service,supply and trading and information technology. It has also established more than 260 overseas branches and offices.

China Shipping(Group)Company is the holding company of three publicly listed ompanies,i.e.China Shipping Development,China Shipping Container Lines and China Shipping (Hainan)Haisheng,whose H shares and A shares are traded on the stock markets of Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively.