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Ports America

​Ports America Group is the largest American terminal operator, stevedore

and vehicle processor with operations in 50 ports and 97 terminals
within the United States, Mexico and Chile. With a highly skilled and
trained labor force, Ports America has the experience and expertise to
manage all types of cargo handling. Handling over 12 million TEU, 2
million vehicles, 5 million tons of general cargo and 1 million cruise
ship passengers, Ports America has operations ranging from pure
container terminals to ‘under the hook stevedoring’. Operations also
include bulk and break-bulk facilities, world class cruise terminals,
intermodal facilities and quality care RoRo handling. Amports, a
division of Ports America, is one of the largest vehicle processing
businesses in North America. Ports America strives to achieve the
highest levels of customer satisfaction at all of its diverse locations.