Port Authorities » Waterson Terminal Services (Port of Providence, Rhode Island)

Waterson Terminal Services (Port of Providence, Rhode Island)

​WATERSON TERMINAL SERVICES (WTS) was formed on May 1, 2007 as a result

of the merger between Public Assess Management and Waterson Stevedoring
thus creating
an exclusive terminal managing operator at the Port of Providence.
WTS offers All Inclusive service from stevedoring vessels to managing
inventory to door delivery at the
final destination.

Bruce P. Waterson has over 30 years of stevedoring experience.
Throughout his career he has handled over 6 million tons of various
cargo, including steel (all grades,
shapes and sizes), palletized cargo, and numerous bulk commodities
(salt, coal, aluminium-oxide, glass, scrap iron).

WTS has an experienced ILA workforce and offers fast and reliable
service. Each ship is supervised by one of WTS’s professional managers.
These supervisors are in
constant communication with Bruce so questions or concerns about your
cargo are answered promptly.