Global Supply Chain Advisory and Search firm Logistics Executive Group expands into New Zealand with the launch of its new Auckland office.

Logistics Executive Group announced the launch of its newest office in Auckland, New Zealand, led by our newest global team member Mr. Trevor Barrett.

“I’m excited to join the Logistics Executive team and looking forward to helping our customers grow their business and being able to advise from a local perspective. The values & vision connect with my aspirations to help businesses grow and get value for money plus have long term relationships with customers,” said Barrett.

Managing Partner - New Zealand, Mr. Trevor Barrett
Managing Partner - New Zealand, Mr. Trevor Barrett

New Zealand has always been close to our hearts & being able to open and expand into New Zealand is a great way to increase our competency and have a true APAC offering.

Kim Winter, Founder and CEO of Logistics Executive Group, noted that “the combined resources and expertise of both parties in establishing this partnership has obvious synergies including expanding the Corporate Advisory, Consulting, M&A, Executive Search, Supply Chain Media and Events portfolios.”

He went on to say “with more than 100 years combined senior executive experience between the owners and a dedicated team of recognised industry specialists, we have been able to offer an unmatched source of hands- on corporate experience to the markets in which we are represented. Our long-term customer relationships have placed us in good stead and underpin our continued growth, through events such as the GFC and now, through the pandemic. We continue to support organisations as they navigate the ‘New Norm’ and value those long-standing relationships.”

“Being able to leverage enhanced resources will provide our customers with significantly broadened service options. We see many opportunities and business challenges for our customers, such as Business Transformation, M&A, Executive Search and Executive Coaching,” said Mr. Winter.

Commenting on the milestone, Mr. Darryl Judd, Logistics Executive Group COO and MD, Corporate Advisory and M&A noted that “increasingly firms all around the world are seeking diversified pathways to grow and support their businesses, assets and people towards emerging from recent events into a changed world driven by increased digitalisation, consumer led markets and more complex global supply chains. The opening of the New Zealand office will enable us to work comprehensively and seamlessly across markets to tackle and succeed with these challenges.”

“New Zealand has grown massively over the last 5 years and the opportunities for SME & larger organisations have only increased. Having local presence, it is an honor and privilege to represent the Logistics Executive team on the ground” said Mr. Barrett. “I had been following the group for many years and always wanted to work with this team and finally got the opportunity and I am ready for the next stage of growth,” he noted.