b'THE UNCONTAINEDlift breakbulk vessels. In ordering adesign our own MPP tonnage (4 AAL- projects. Wind is already a massive newbuilding how does AAL put togetherdesigned MPV classes so far) based ondriver for the project industry and has the design specification for the ships?our customers projected transport needs.in terms of cargo volume shipped at How do factors like shipyard capacity,AJOT: Another energy sector that seemssteadily growing levels for many years. price, and lead times figure into thelikely to boom over the next few yearsAt the same time, the wind sector may newbuilding equation? in the U.S. is wind power installations,not deliver hugely exponential growth in Schoeller: AAL is part of a larger shippingespecially offshore wind powerwhichterms of cargo volumes over the next 5 group that has built and supervised 270is in its infancy in the U.S. and Northyears, as it has already been booming for newbuildings over the past 30 years.America as a whole. What impact will U.S.the last 8 or so years anyway. However, The design of our Super B-Class was awind power initiatives have on the Projectwhat certainly is changing is the size and collaboration between AALs engineeringCargo sector of the business? What arescope of wind projects and components and commercial teams workingthe prospects for wind power projectsand we expect to see much larger on alongside sister company, Columbiaglobally? shore windmills as well as much more Shipmanagement (CSM)responsiblesubstantial offshore projects soon.for all of the Groups newbuilding projectsSchoeller: AAL works extensively with over the years in top yards around therenewable energy majors across the world. It is a long tradition within AAL toworld on short and long-term employment 17'