b'ForewordIt is June of 2022. Within the breakbulk and project sectors there is promise tempered by trepidation. The promise is new industries like offshore wind taking off in the United States and opening up potential new industries and marketsa maritime gold rush unseen since World War Two. Besides the project business, there is also an increased demand for agri-bulks, minerals, and steel related products, basically an entire market sector of neo-bulk freight raising demand for breakbulk ships, not to mention overflows from the containership side.However, these opportunities and others are tempered by geo-political events, notably, but not solely, the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The COVID pandemic is scrambling the supply chains, a new fear of inflation is slowing economic growth, the ongoing tariffs and now Ukraine war-related sanctions are George Lauriat,adding to the trepidation. Editor in Chief In our first half of 2022 The UnCONTAINED magazine, all of the above are part of the narrative. Take AJOTs Canada correspondent Leo Ryans article on page 4, Breakbulk Activity Rising in Ports George joined what wouldAcross Canada. In this article, Montreal-based Ryan writes, As the Canadian economy engages in become the Americana pronounced post-pandemic recovery following the largest contraction in decades in 2020, so is Journal of Transportation inactivity in the breakbulk sector of Canadian ports showing renewed dynamism. Its not only that 1986, and has been EditorCanada is beginning to emerge from the pandemic but with an infrastructure package of C$180 billion in Chief since 1988. ($140.69 billion) largely undeployed, the project sector is expecting a big rebound. And then there is Canadas exports of forest products, farming goods and steel, filling ships, trucks and trains. All in all, breakbulk is booming in Canada and capacity is the issue.THE UNCONTAINEDBut the Russia-Ukraine war has certainly had an impact on the breakbulk sector, particularly on Published by Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.steel and other metals. As AJOTs Northeast correspondent Peter Buxbaum observed in his article on 116 Court Street, Suite Bpage 8, Russia-Ukrainian War Jeopardizes Regional Metals Supply Chains,Russia is one of the worlds Plymouth, MA02360 largest producers and traders of pig iron, steel, and aluminum. Ukraine is the worlds 13th-largest producer of steel, exporting 17 million metric tons in 2021, and the fifth-largest exporter of iron ore by William Bourbon, Publisher volume, at 44.4 million tons in 2021. The combinations of sanctions on Russian businesses and the George Lauriat, Editor-in-Chief destruction of Ukrainian steel operations are not only having an effect now with the war in full swing Robert Kirk, Editor but also into an uncertain future. Eric Nelson, Digital Media DirectorErin Thewlis, Digital Media Manager Buxbaum also delved into U.S. steel policy in his story, Revealed Bidens Steel Tariff Policy, asking Carole Lauriat, Office & Circulation Manager the question of whether the Section 232 Tariffs introduced by former President Donald Trump and embraced by current President Joe Biden, will be walked back in a new era of rising inflation and EDITORIAL slackening economic growth.Peter Buxbaum, Northeast Correspondent If there was ever a Cassandra of offshore wind power, it is Dr. Habib Dagher, Executive Director of Paul Scott Abbott, Gulf region Correspondent theUniversity of MainesAdvanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC). Dr. Dagher, a structural Stas Margaronis, California Correspondent and civil engineer with a PhD from University of Wisconsin holds more than 80 patents, most on Leo Ryan, Canada Correspondent technologies related to various aspects of floating wind power. In a wide ranging interview, Matt Miller, Matt Miller, Business CorrespondentAJOTs Senior Business Correspondent, examined the development and promise of US offshore wind power with Dr. Dagher. In the interview on page 16, Dagher discusses the building of what might be SALES ANDcalled his signature achievement: The VolturnUS, which the Center designed and built. It was the first SPONSORSHIPS grid-connected offshore wind turbine in the US and a pioneer in offshore floating wind, employing Bill Bourbon, Publisher - Northern Region Salesrevolutionary designs that utilized floating concrete hull technology. The one-eighth scale model (617) [email protected] prototype launched in 2014, and the Center is now developing a full-scale, floating offshore wind Carlos Valdez, Southern Region Sales (305) [email protected] turbine, scheduled to be constructed and launched in 2024.Ed Andrews, Europe Sales +44 7880 [email protected] If there is one big take-away from the first half of 2022 in The Uncontained, it is that while the breakbulk business is brisk there are plenty of challenges ahead for the sector. Copyright Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.All rights reserved. [cover image] Reproduction in whole or in part without the permission of Steel forge in full production.The Uncontained is prohibited. The Uncontained cannot be See Biden Tariff Policy Revealed on Page 10. held responsible for any unsolicited materials. PRINTED IN THE USA.'