b'ForewordAs the reports in this winter edition of The Uncontained [our digital magazine] amply illustrate, there is a lot of business that isnt about boxes. And perhaps it is fitting during this season to relate a Christmas card we (AJOT) received from the Port of Beaumont, Texas. The card opens up and a Christmas jingle plays: Out in the port yard, cargo abound. Santas on the Liebherr, happy and roundWood pulp and aggregate all around As the card implies there is a lot of freight that is never hoisted by a gantry George Lauriat,crane: lumber and all measures of forest products. For example, on page 10, Editor in Chief correspondent Peter Buxbaum writes Breakbulk lumber is booming at the Port George joined what wouldof Lake Charles [Louisiana]. And from a larger viewpoint, on page 18 the AJOT become the Americandelved into the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war on the forest product industry, Journal of Transportation inRussian invasion of Ukraine sparks conflicted outlook for forest products. 1986, and has been Editor in Chief since 1988. And the impact of global economics on the multi-purpose vessel/heavy lift (MPV/HL) sector is discussed by Ed Bastian, Director of Global Sales for BBC Chartering and discussed in an interview with Henrik Hansen, General Manager, THE UNCONTAINEDAAL Americas. Published by Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.Naturally, there are a number of ports like Beaumont that hang their hat on 116 Court Street, Suite B Plymouth, MA02360 breakbulk shipping. The Port of Milwaukees plans for the future to a large degree William Bourbon, Publisher are built around dry bulk shipping, as outlined in Tad Thompsons interview with George Lauriat, Editor-in-Chief Adam Tindall-Schlicht, the ports director.Robert Kirk, EditorEric Nelson, Digital Media Director All in all, the breakbulk sector continues to thrive with new commodities like Erin Thewlis, Digital Media ManagerCarole Lauriat, Office & Circulation Manager wind turbine blades and oversized components which are becoming business mainstays.EDITORIAL Every week The Uncontained takes a hard look at what is moving and why. Peter Buxbaum, Northeast Correspondent Enjoy the winter magazine and read us every week at theuncontained.com.Tad Thompson,CorrespondentStas Margaronis, California CorrespondentLeo Ryan, Canada CorrespondentMatt Miller, Business CorrespondentManik Mehta, Asia Correspondent SPECIALEd Bastian, Director of Global Salesfor BBC Chartering USASALES AND SPONSORSHIPSBill Bourbon - Northern Region Sales (617) [email protected] Valdez, Southern Region Sales (305) [email protected] Andrews, Europe Sales +44 7880 [email protected] Copyright Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.All rights reserved. [cover image] Reproduction in whole or in part without the permission of Steel forge in full production.The Uncontained is prohibited. The Uncontained cannot be See Biden Tariff Policy Revealed on Page 10. held responsible for any unsolicited materials. PRINTED IN THE USA.'