b'Contents42. Foreword 83. Contents4. St. Lawrence Seaway building on green corridor goals6. MPP sector in seasonal slowdown but will it bounce back in the fall? 68. Breakbulk lumber is booming at the Port of Lake CharlesPort Milwaukee works on present, plans for future10. Great Lakes wind power: Will a saga of lost chances change? 1012. 15. Is breakbulk the shipping solution for Latin American produce?Port of Brownsville gets boost from USMCA16.12 RussianinvasionofUkrainesparksconflictedoutlookforforestproducts18.US funds help Las Water Institute develop20.early warning shoaling along the Lower MississippiSoutheast Asian ports hopeful of post-pandemic surge in breakbulk demand 2222. Multi-purpose vessels and HL sector cautiously optimistic for 202324.AALsHansenconfidentintheMPVmarket26. 24'