b'THE UNCONTAINEDNelson Samuel, the directorof the New York office of theMalaysian Investment Development AuthorityMeeting (WCM) of the ASEAN Ports Association (APA) held inandthe Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) in Johor, are expected July 2022 and hosted by Vietnam, with participants from Brunei,to boosttheir capacity to support the growth recorded by Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,Malaysian ports, thanks to strong demand for commodities and and Vietnam.other products.Port Klang deals with exports of commodities The WCM chairman, Nguyen Uyen Minh, who is also thesuch as timber, automobiles, rubber, liquid bulk such as latex, deputy general director of the Saigon Port Authority, emphasizedpalm and coconut oil, petroleum goods, fuel, and containerized the need for close cooperation among APA members togoods. It handles imports of steel coils, rods, wires, billets, fruits, overcome the difficulties resulting from the continuing effectsgrains, machine equipment etc.However, the PTP in Johor, of the pandemic, the Ukraine invasion, soaring fuel and freightthough posting strong growth in cargo shipments, deals mainly costs, and rising inflation.with containerized goods. Le Tuan Anh, Director General of International CooperationWhile Port Klang and PTP primarily serve East-West Department, Ministry of Transportation of Vietnam, urgedroutes such as China to Europe, Penang Ports focus is mainly the APA to assume more responsibilities and obligations inon the Bay of Bengal. A multifunctional port, it deals with all promoting sustainable development of maritime and portskinds of conventional cargo, dry and liquid bulk, apart from community in the region.containers.The setting up of new factories in Penang could help ASEAN Ports drive exports and shipment. Johor port, situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian While Singapores port is the biggest in the region and, inPeninsula, near Johor strait, is an important maritime gateway fact, one of the five top ports of the world, Malaysia is workingfor the country as it lies in the industrial region of Pasir Gudang towards strengthening its position in the region, projecting itselfwhich houses major industries like engineering, petrochemicals, as the Gateway to the ASEAN market, and highlighting itselectrical goods, furniture and packaged food, the MIDA director location at the confluence of the intercontinental and intra-Asianexplained.maritime trade routes through the Strait of Malacca.This multipurpose port deals with all kinds of cargoes In an interview with the American Journal of Transportation,through its numerous dry bulk, liquid bulk, and container Nelson Samuel, the director of the New York office of thehandling facilities. The port is famous for its expansive Malaysian Investment Development Authority, which promotesstorage space for keeping palm oil and is a major exporter of investment to Malaysia, emphasized Malaysias crucial shippingpetrochemical goods.and distribution location in the ASEAN region. Malaysia hasPorts are crucial for Malaysias foreign trade and its export-one of the biggest port facilities in the world, besides being aoriented economy. Malaysias maritime industry contributes transshipment hub of the Asian region and a preferred point ofabout 40% to the countrys GDP and more than 90% of entry into the ASEAN market, he said.Malaysias trade is seaborne, Samuel said.Malaysiastop two ports,Port Klang near Kuala Lumpur, 23'