b'Multi-purpose vessels and HL sector cautiously optimistic for 2023MULTI-PURPOSE VESSELSAND HL SECTOR CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC FOR 2023By Ed Bastian, Director of Global Sales for BBC Chartering USA, Special to the Uncontrained December 19, 2022 | Published originally in AJOT Issue #748I f this years Black Friday sales were a precursor to whatdramatic trend in corporate layoffs particularly in the technology 2023 will bring us, the all-time record sales of over $ 9 billionsector.would indicate the economy is hitting on all cylinders. WhileThe current mood amongst the container carriers has consumers may have their heads in the sand, most economistsgone from ebullient to grim all within the same year. While no are sticking with their prediction of a recession in 2023. Manyone expected container rates to remain at stratospheric levels, would argue that we are already in one. Higher interest rates,not many expected to be hearing predictions of rate wars and falling home prices, declining corporate earnings are just someseeing the spot rate collapse in a few short months. Blank of the signs we are on the verge of one. Adding to that is asailings have once again replaced long wait times at LA/Long 24'