b'AJOT: What specialized equipment isAJOT: Given the delicate and expensive nature of used in the loading and discharge ofyacht transport is there any special insurance for the the yachts? Do you have to deploymoves? personnel to oversee the process?Dmitry Faber: All Cargo Risk Marine Insurance provided Dmitry Faber: It is a humongousby British or German syndicates is a must as it covers efforttoputloadingtogetherall risks from slings to slings while the yacht is being andmakeitsmooth.Weemployloaded,shipped,andoffloadedfromcargovessels. loadmasters (MHL mainly as they areThe typical cost to an owner is 0.25% of the yachts the best in the industry), also on anyinsured value +/- for the policy.typical ship we have 5 crews working sidebyside:loadmasters,stevedores,AJOT: COVID-19 drastically disrupted global supply divers, welders, owners crews. All lovingchains. How did the pandemic effect the yacht each other and singing kumbaya behind atransport sector?round table most of the time. Each crew is integral to the operation, and each is respectedDmitry Faber: It slowed down for about 8 months as and cherished by FMT.we lost marinas and infrastructure in key areas and trade shows closed. However, it rebounded quickly and AJOT: What was the largest yacht your companynew orders for yachts started flowing into builders. The moved? And were there any unique engineeringused yacht sales market exploded as all yacht owners demands for the movement?figured they could use their yachts when nothing else isopenandtohaveautonomytosailanywhereif Dmitry Faber: 165 x 30 /450 tons so far, engineeringapocalypse happens. Or they made money in the stock requirements included custom lift plan and equipmentmarketorelsewhereaftereconomystartedcoming plan, getting same approved by vessel owners, yachtback.owners and their architects and all while trying to make it happen yesterday as the yacht was late to the Med. AJOT: There seems to be a trend towards building larger yachtsis that something youve experienced AJOT: What is the average cost of moving a yacht?in your business? What are some of the trends you see What are some of the main factors? emerging in the sector?Dmitry Faber: Rates had gone up about 30-40% sinceDmitry Faber: We see the trend for moving to renewable thepandemicandnowthereissometendencyofenergy,hybridmotors,largermodernyachtsand rates equalizing, mainly due to ship hire rates soaringdesigns and even artificial intelligence (AI). Maritime during 2021-2022. As of today, Yacht transport Mathindustry is amazing and is one of the oldest industries 101, you can say about 1,200 USD per foot to the Medin the world. It should be noted that it is one of the most for yachts up to 80 LOA and more for heavy and supertraditional industries in terms of how business is done yachts. In North America and Asia coming eastboundon relationships, and we still use terms like steaming is more expensive as ships are still full coming outand bunkering put in place when ships burned coal of Asia. We do have a crafty tool on our website:and were steam powered.https://fmtyachttransport.com/ where one can enter route and dimensions and receive instant ballpark quote which yacht owners appreciate.AJOT: Besides the actual transportation of the yachts, what other services are involved in the business? Dmitry Faber: Auxiliary services like crew delivery to / from vessel, transient berthing while yachts wait for staging the few days waiting for the ship to come, shrinkwrap, customs clearance, special protection for yachts gel coats, detailing are some of the few. Also chartering yachts and offering ownerstomovetheiryachtsto/fromdifferent cruising grounds with purpose to charter for profit and use by owners when needed.Back to Contents THE UNCONTAINED 13'