b'ForewordThe Uncontained magazine for this Fall features a number of rare stories that illustrates the breadth of the business beyond containerized freight. Forexample,seniorbusinesscorrespondentMattMillersAirshipsOfferIntriguing Potential For Project Freight delves into the variety of airshipsaircraft with lift provided by gases such as hydrogen or heliumthat are in various stages of development with an eye on deployment in the heavy lift sector.An intriguing story in this edition is a long overdue look at the nuclear power plant sector, George Lauriat,Nuclear Days Ahead by Gary Burrows. Burrows give us an inside look of where the nuclear Editor in Chief industry may be heading in this era of moving to net-zero.George joined what would become the AmericanAnother story that was a long-time in making the pages of the Uncontained with the Journal of Transportation inself-explanatory title of The Highly Specialized Business of Transporting Yachts written 1986, and has been Editorby myself (George Lauriat) examines the complex business of moving yachtsa business in Chief since 1988.that is often as seasonable as the trade winds themselves. When writing about ocean freight moving in something other than a containership, THE UNCONTAINEDro/ro (roll-on/roll-off) figures prominently. In this edition, Peter Buxbaums Port of Baltimore Published by Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.Leading And Expanding in the Ro/Ro Space and the Stas Margaronis article on the West 116 Court Street, Suite BCoast ro/ro port of Hueneme, Port of Huenemes Decas Sees 24% Auto Resurgence in Plymouth, MA02360 2023 provide bookend coverage to a sector that is thriving.William Bourbon, PublisherGeorge Lauriat, Editor-in-Chief Naturally this edition contains a number of stories on both onshore and offshore wind Robert Kirk, Editor power projectsa sector that is facing some headwinds. Tad Thompson covers the Gulf Eric Nelson, Digital Media DirectorErin Thewlis, Digital Media Manager of Mexico and the West and offers insight in his article The Offshore Wind Roller Coaster Carole Lauriat, Office & Circulation Manager Pushes On In The Gulf Of MexicoWhen Is An Auction Not An Auction?EDITORIAL Lumber and wood products are often an important cargo for breakbulk shipping and Chris Barnett,Correspondent Montreal-based Leo Ryan updates the ongoing softwood lumber battle between the US Peter Buxbaum, Northeast Correspondent and Canada in his story, Canada Challenging Unfair US Duties Imposed on Softwood Stas Margaronis, California Correspondent LumberExportswhilePeterBuxbaumexaminestheoftenunreportedbutbooming Manik Mehta, Asia CorrespondentLeo Ryan, Canada Correspondent business of wood pellets in his article, US Gulf Ports Benefit From Growth in Global Wood Tad Thompson, Midwest Correspondent Pellet Demand.Gary Burrows, Southeast CorrespondentWilliam DeBenedetto Steel and steel products are a linchpin in the breakbulk sector and roving correspondent SPECIAL Manik Mehta was on hand in New York to report on the steel business with his Infrastructure Andrew Johnson Projects And Decarbonization Take Center Stage At Global Steel Dynamics Forum In New Account Executive, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. York.SALES ANDWe hope that you enjoy the wide range of stories in this edition of the Uncontained and SPONSORSHIPS continue to follow the weekly Uncontained newsletter.Bill Bourbon - Northern Region Sales (617) [email protected] Valdez, Southern Region Sales (305) [email protected] Andrews, Europe Sales +44 7880 [email protected] Copyright Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.All rights reserved. [cover image] Reproduction in whole or in part without the permission of Yacht lifts are specialized business. The Uncontained is prohibited. The Uncontained cannot be See the full interview with Dmitry Faber on Page 10. held responsible for any unsolicited materials. PRINTED IN THE USA.2'