b'Lumber piles on Vancouver Island illustrate the major contribution of the forestry industry to the BC economy.Sheadded:Ateveryopportunity,IhaveraisedtheissueofWhile the Coalition is continuing to evaluate its own issues for unjustified U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber with my U.S.appeal,welookforwardtodefendingtheDepartmentofCom-counterpart Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative, andmerces antidumping determination as consistent with U.S. law, the need for both countries to find a mutually acceptable resolu- added Miller.tion to this dispute. Canada continues to remain ready and willing He has also stressed that the import duties have been keeping to discuss a negotiated outcome to the dispute that provides thethe playing field level to allow the US domestic forestry and con-stability and predictability the sector needs to ensure its continuedstruction industries to thrive. Failure to fully enforce the trade laws growth and success. would only undermine long-term confidence in expanding capacity Stumped over Stumpage Fees and jobs in the American softwood lumber industry.But, in response, Tai made it clear that negotiations must includeIncreased European SourcingCanada doing away with its longstanding stumpage fee regime.Meanwhile,DerekNighbor,presidentoftheForestProducts Eliminating unfairly-traded Canadian imports remains a priorityAssociation of Canada, has raised what he has called a discon-for the Biden administration. certing trend in bilateral trade. Rather than sourcing from Canada Tais office further stated: We are prepared to discuss anotherto address the existing American lumber supply gap, European softwood lumber agreement when Canada is ready to address thelumber imports are now displacing Canadian lumber imports as a underlying issues related to subsidization and fair competition soresult, of the ongoing Canada-U.S. softwood lumber dispute.that Canadian lumber imports do not injure the US industry. In 2022, we witnessed offshore exports of lumber to the U.S. The U.S.LumberCoalition reacted to Ngs statement, saying itreach their highest levels since 2004-2006 with increased ship-was pleased Canada was taking the dispute to the US Court ofmentsfromGermanyandSwedenincreasingby17%and27% International Trade, rather than requesting aUnited States-Mexi- respectively.Infact,EuropeanlumberexportstotheU.S.have co-Canada Agreement (USMCA) panel for appeals. more than doubled since February 2021.The Coalition has long believed that U.S. courts are the appro- Its worth noting as we find ourselves in the sixth year of the priate venue for resolving legal questions around the applicationcurrent softwood lumber dispute that the U.S. charges no duties on of U.S. trade laws, and we are pleased that the Canadian partiesthat imported European wood. havenowagreedtopursuetheirclaimsbeforeaU.S.judge, saidAndrew Miller, Chairman of the U.S.LumberCoalition and CEO of StimsonLumber.Back to Contents THE UNCONTAINED 39'