b'1.11 Soybeansthe special sauceSoybeans are a special commodity in the tariff war between the US and China. After nearly three-months of negotiations (see G. Lauriat Lets Make a Deal AJOT Issue 683), President Trump and Chinas President Xi still havent made a deal with the next roundGeorge Lauriat, Editor in Chiefof tariffs being postponed indefinitely and U.S. soybeans remaining an innocent casualtyThis article was originally published onof this Sino-U.S. trade war.March 11,, 2019 in issue #684U.S. soybean exports to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) have stopped as Chinas retaliatory tariff has priced them out of the market. And price might not even be the issue as the centrally planned Chinese economy has in all by words effectively banned U.S. soybean imports. For U.S. exporters, the failure of China and the U.S. trade tariff negotiations represents a difficult setback. American Soybean Association (ASA) President Davie Stephens, a soybean 2019 Collection Breakbulk Shipping 23'