b'[image 3.11-2]China High Speed Train Network Mapna and HHI is ideally situated to serve the expanding national HSR construc-tion. Thecompanyhasfourfactories producing a variety of bridge construc-tion equipment and girder transporter vehicles for rail and highway projects. Annual output is 400 sets and valued at $217.8 million (1.5 billion yuan). The products are shipped to all parts of the country according to the order, and exported to Singapore, Libya and SouthKorea,saidMr.Li,Manager, Sales and Logistics, Hanjiang Heavy In-dustry Company in a recent interview. Manufactured raw material inputs of steelareproducedandsourcedfromfor the transshipment and erection ofEach vehicle weighs 30 tons and transit nearbyWuhancitysuppliers.These40meterslongbeams,saidMr.Li.time to Putian is about 2.5 days, said largersteelshipmentshavelogisticalTwo450-tonbeam-liftingmachinesMr. Li. problemssincetherearenotmanyare used together for the transshipment companies with large trucks to handleand erection of 900-ton concrete boxThepossibilityoftransportingthe these shipments to the factory. In onegirders as well as the bridge pier for thedisassembled parts of the machines to week, we need 5 trucks of 30 tons eachwhole lifting of the 900-ton beam, hecustomers in Fujian by IWT is lost be-and sometimes it is hard to find thesedescribed. Putian city is one station oncause,thereisnocargoterminalin specialized project cargo trucks, saidthe north to south line from Hangzhou,Fuyang, Xiangyang. For now, if water Mr.Wang,InboundPurchasingandZhejiangprovince,nearShanghai,totransportation is required, then it needs Logistics Manager, HHI. Project cargoShenzhen, Guangdong province, nearto be transported by truck to Wuhan for truck permits are also a constraint andHong Kong.water transportation. The cost will in-increases costs by delays to productionschedules for HHI. Inland Waterway Con- The cost will increase and the transportation time will straints be extended. I hope the government will consider build-Inlandwatertransport(IWT)woulding a cargo terminal in Fuyangreduce transport costs for steel inputs to HHI. However, the Xiangyang river ports are not modern nor is there depth of the Han River in Xiangyang to nav- Hanjiang Heavy Industry is also chal- crease and the transportation time will igate1500deadweighttonvessels.lenged by the logistics and transporta- beextended.Ihopethegovernment Our steel suppliers are near capabletion of their new machines to custom- willconsiderbuildingacargotermi-Wuhan river ports, if we can use IWT,ers such as to Putian city. The machinesnal in Fuyang, said Mr. Li.Numerous that would be useful to us for steel ma- are disassembled into parts and placedprojectsareunderconsiderationand terials to reduce transport costs, saidonto trucks. There is a lack of cranesin construction to make better use of Mr. Jiang, Director, HHI.andlogisticscompaniestodohighXiangyangs IWT system for project car-Putiancity,Fujianprovince,alongquality services for HHI. They are usu- go shipments. the eastern coast, will receive the new- ally transported by trucks of 42.6 feet lyproducedbeammovingmachine(13meters)or57feet(17.5meters). 2019 Collection Project / Energy Shipping 65'