b'3.5 Taiwans offshore wind industry ready for launchNext March, Taiwan is embarking on the construction of an 80 windMatt Miller, AJOTThis article was originally published onturbine, 640 MW wind farm - Asia-Pacifics largest. September 23, 2019 in issue #694Taiwans offshore wind industry has, soproject.far, tracked that of the US. To date, both have completed just one small-scale proj- German developer Wpd AG heads the ect.Yunlin project, along with a consortium of Japanese power and utilities interests. But Taiwans trajectory will soon out- Wpd also has a contract to construct a pace the US. Yunlin, Asia-Pacifics largest350MW offshore wind farm near Taoyu-windfarm,isduetostartconstructionan County.next March, some five miles off the coast of western Taiwan. The project will installThe Netherlands Jumbo Maritime and a total capacity of 640MW, through 80Malaysias Sapura Energy were awarded wind turbines of 8MW each. contracts for the transportation and instal-lation of the mono-piles for the first proj-Offshorewindpromisestobeakeyect. Its Sapuras first foray into offshore component of Taiwans renewable energywind.and the country is moving at top speed to ramp up wind-driven power. Its veryWpd isnt the only European wind de-ambitious, said Matthias Mross, manag- veloper making forays into Taiwan. Den-ing partner of Global Renewables Ship- marksrsted,theworldslargestwind brokers.Hamburg-basedGRShasthepower developer, confirmed in April that contract for procurement consulting ser- it will build two offshore wind farms in vices for transport and installation of theTaiwan totaling 900MW, with construc-2019 Collection Project / Energy Shipping 49'