b'3.3 Wind power shipments surge in CanadaWindpowercomponentshipmentshaveboostedbreakbulktotalsforCanadian ports.The global breakbulk market has witnessed aprovidesmorecleanandlow-costelectricity surge in shipments of wind power componentsto Canadians and increases its contributions to in recent years, a trend that has also gathereda modern and reliable electricity grid. Wind is momentum in Canada. Transportation providersa success story across the countryhelping toLeo Ryan, AJOTThis article was originally on both water and land have been engaged inmeet electricity demand in a way that is consis- published on May 13, 2019 shipping components manufactured notably intent with Canadas climate ambitions and thatin issue #688Europe and domestic sources. And there is nobenefits landowners, rural and indigenous com-signofweakeningdemandfortheimmediatemunities, and the economy.future, although sometimes opposition surfaces from local residents impacted by a wind powerLast year saw the completion of six projects project. that added 566 MW of new installed capacity, with Ontario and Quebec accounting for nearly Indeed, Canada in 2018 continued to show9,000 MW.strongandstablegrowthinthisnichesector,[image 3.3-1] - abovereports the Canadian Wind Energy AssociationCanada is home to the worlds ninth largestMuntgracht. The all-purposewind generating fleet. There are today some 300vessels on Spliethoffs CEE(CanWea).Itfinishedtheyearwithclosetoservice frequently transit 13,000 megawatts of capacity, enough to powerwind farms operating from coast to coast, com- the St. Lawrence Seaways some 3.3 million homes or 6% of electricity de- prising 6,600 turbines, including projects in twoWelland Canal.mand. National installed capacity has doubledof the three northern territories. Among Canadi-since 2012. an provinces, the large bulk of capacity is cur-rently located in Ontario (40%), Quebec (30%) Robert Hornung, the Associations president,and Alberta (12%).asserts,Eachyear,thewindenergyindustry 2019 Collection Project / Energy Shipping 43'