b'3.12 Dutch storm surge expertise helps Louisiana, Texas, New York and New JerseyThe $165 million Seabrook Floodgate Complex, completed in 2012, protects New Orleans by reducing storm surge entering from Lake Pontchartrain. Stas Margaronis, AJOTThis article was originally published on UpgradestostormsurgebarriersandSaving New OrleansJuly 22, 2019 in issue #691 pumps completed in 2011 by the U.S. Army CorpsofEngineers(USACE)havemadeIn an interview at his office in Rotterdam, New Orleans more resilient to storms andDircketoldAJOT,TheCorpsperformed hurricanes, according to Piet Dircke, a watermagnificently in fast-tracking $14.5 billion management consultant for the Dutch firmin upgrades completed in 2011. As a result, Arcadis. when Hurricane Isaac struck New Orleans in 2012, the upgrades prevented a repeat of Arcadis was a consultant to the Corps inthe deaths and damage caused by Hurricane Louisiana and also advises officials in Texas,Katrinain2005,whichcost$161billion. New York and New Jersey. Dirckerelated,Thestructuresthatwere InJuly,thestormsurgedefenseskeptbuilt may have been oversized and ungainly NewOrleanssafewhenHurricaneBarrylooking but they saved New Orleans from drenched New Orleans and Louisiana withdestruction in 2012 and so you can say the [image 3.12-1] heavy rains and high winds. investment was paid off within one year at a Maeslant storm surge barriers protecting100% rate. One key to the projects success the Port of Rotterdam66 THE UNCONTAINED www.theuncontained.com'