b'Contents2Foreword3Contents4Breakbulk Shipping51.1 Investments in steel capacity proceeding in US and Europe Page 581.2 Chinas efforts to remove steel capacity hasnt reduced production101.3 Storm clouds on the horizon for global steel121.4 Tariffs, a manufacturing slump and the steel industry141.5 Steel by the numbers151.6 The ups and downs of iron ore prices161.7 Steel Success Strategies conference in New York dominated by steel tariffs and protectionism fears181.8 The India aluminum paradox Page 23201.9 Manufacturing in Vietnam: capacity shifts, tariff avoidance, tariff evasion221.10 Forest product exports robust at Canadian West Coast ports231.11 Soybeansthe special sauce261.12 Red flag raised on Canadas west coast port breakbulk capabilities30Shipping Regulations 312.1 Its make or break with IMO 2020342.2 Complying with IMO 2020 - the options352.3 Quebecs Desgagns Group innovates polar class dual fuel tankers Page 31362.4 AWOS Allegretti optimistic Trump will uphold the Jones Act after proposed waiver rejected38Project & Energy Shipping393.1 Combining project cargo risks423.2 Regulatory logjam has cost C$100 billion in canceled resource projects433.3 Wind power shipments surge in Canada463.4 New Bedford inks lease for Vineyard Wind offshore wind project493.5 Taiwans offshore wind industry ready for launch523.6 The Netherlands ports are trying to balancePage 39 traditional energy business and renewables 563.7 Port of Flevokust Haven built to serve the wind 583.8 Port of Eemshaven shows the profit in going green603.9 The natural-gas economy623.10 Importing LNG, despite US surplus653.11 Hanjiang Heavy Industrys project cargo important to Chinas high-speed rail663.12 Dutch storm surge expertise helps Louisiana, Page 52 Texas, New York and New Jersey2019 Collection 3'