b'Federal Marine Terminals at the Port of Hamilton is part of the network bought by Logistec. Photo credit: Fednav Ltd.Major Expansion of Logistec Network cargo, including out-of-gauge pieces. After declining to just over 64,000 metric tons in 2020, breakbulk volume climbed to 211,082 The addition of 11 terminals represents a major expansion oftons in 2021.Logistecs network, bringing its total to 90 terminals in 60 portsLogistecs Laurier terminals in several sections of the port are across North America. The combined network will provide stra- specializedinhandlingbulk,breakbulk,projectcargoandheavy tegic gateways for existing and future customers, allowing Logis- lift. Warehouses offer ample storage for such products as mineral tec to gain an important foothold in the Great Lakes region andconcentrate, gypsum, fertilizer, and other commodities. The Logistec access prime locations in the U.S. Gulf and East Coast regions. terminal in Section 98 provides a large laydown area for out-of-gauge In a recent interview, Mr. Corrigan stressed that Logistecsfocusproject cargo near off-dock facilities.on thesafe andefficienthandling ofoversizedcargoscontin- Offering some candid but fundamentally optimistic thoughts uesin theever-evolvingwind energy, mining and oil and gason the current forwarding market was veteran freight forwarder sectors. Guy Tombs, president of Montreal-based Guy Tombs Limited.Among other moves, Corrigan cited Castaloop USA, a Logis- The project and heavylift market is now again very interesting, tec owned company, which has continued its growth andhan- he said.I say this with a few caveatsthe project and heavylift dledoversized wind components. This included74-meter blad sector is in many ways general freight writ large.esthroughtheportsofOswego and Buffalo, New York as wellOver the past three years there have been new supply-chain as Erie, Pennsylvania,and arecurrentlymanaging 6 wind proj- headachessome of which we had not experienced before: ectsatthesestrategically locatedterminals. Marineterminalsclosingsuddenlywithoutnotice,notrucks Additionally, Corrigan added, they continue to handlemas- beingavailableoncertaintrade-lanes,over-relianceonauto-sive project cargo units weighing upwards of96MTinKitimatmated systems that cannot keep up.destined for a future LNG plant inBritish Columbiaas well as Therearemultipliereffectsfromconfusion,delaysand managing on-going project handling of37-ton steel slabs dailyincreased costs. Shortages of personnel or less present, less inBrownsville,Texas through their GSM subsidiary. attentive or unavailable staffs have meant that complicated prob-Logistecsspecializedhandling capabilitieshave been devel- lems have too often added up and not been resolved promptly.oped and honed overtheir70-year history, with a highly versa- To me, Tombs stressed, this simply underlines the neces-tile,process-driven and focused,safety mindset, throughout itssity for an in-your-face approach and for being there, being network of ports and terminals. on-siteto sort out project logistics problems oneself, where AtthePortofMontreal,breakbulkactivityhasreboundedpossible.strongly from the COVID-19 world onslaught in 2020. Several ter- Another way of putting itwe mustunmaskthe problem minals operated by Logistec, and Empire Stevedoring (Bickerdikecausers and problemneglectors to force through smooth, suc-Terminal) can handle all types of breakbulk, general and projectcessful operations for our vital shipments.11Back to Contents THE UNCONTAINED 11'