b'ForewordAs the articles contained in this Spring 2023 edition of The Uncontained [our digital maga-zine] amply illustrate, there is a lot happening in shipping that isnt about containerized freight. For example, project cargo moves buoyed by wind power projects have become a mainstay of the multi-purpose vessel/heavy lift (MPV/HL) sector. And while there is optimism with the global, and particularly the U.S., rise in offshore wind power projects, the business is facing some headwinds, as Ed Bastian, Director of Global Sales for BBC Chartering explains in his article on page 32. Wind power projects are also the subject of a number of other stories in this edition. Chris Barnett, in his story on the breakbulk facilities at the Port of Vancouver USA Breakbulk is the Port of Vancouver USAs Calling Card, (page 18)highlighted how George Lauriat,important the location of the port was to moving wind power project shipments into Alberta, Editor in Chief Canada. Speaking of Canada, Montreal-based Leo Ryan in his article Wind Energy Projects George joined what wouldOn Strong Growth Trajectory Across Canada (page 4) writes that Canada will have to add become the American5 GW of wind and solar power annually every year to meet its commitment to net zero by Journal of Transportation in2050that goal translates into a great deal more wind power businessand shipping for 1986, and has been Editorboth onshore and offshore projects in the immediate future. in Chief since 1988.Of course, it isnt just Canada that is powering up with wind power. Stas Margaronis in his coverage, writes about the emergence, on potentially a grand scale, of offshore wind power in California, in his article on Humboldt Bays launch of a new offshore wind farm project THE UNCONTAINED(page 30). Published by Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.Of course, it isnt all about wind power. Steel is a critical product for breakbulk shipping 116 Court Street, Suite B Plymouth, MA02360 both in the steel-making commodities and the finished steel products.William Bourbon, Publisher In an insightful article, Brazil Step Into Vacuum Left By Reduced Steel Exports From Russia George Lauriat, Editor-in-Chief and Ukraine, (page 6) Peter Buxbaum delves into how Brazils steel exports have boomed as Robert Kirk, Editor a result of the conflict. Eric Nelson, Digital Media DirectorErin Thewlis, Digital Media Manager And when it comes to steel and steel markets, everything starts and ends with China. In his Carole Lauriat, Office & Circulation Manager article, Peter Buxbaum takes a deep dive into Chinas steel industry in his article Chinas Steel Production Spikes After Lockdowns End (page 28).EDITORIAL And for connoisseurs of the breakbulk industry, the recent movement of the sector into Chris Barnett,Correspondent the mainstream, with new investment and construction of non-containerized facilities, is a Peter Buxbaum, Northeast CorrespondentStas Margaronis, California Correspondent satisfying development. Recently it was announced that PSA Breakbulk was launching the Manik Mehta, Asia Correspondent first Project Cargo Ecosystem in the Port of Antwerp, a story that appears on page 26. In that Leo Ryan, Canada Correspondent same vein, New York-based AJOT international correspondent Manik Mehta, in his article, SPECIAL Bremens Neustadt Port Aggressively Pushes Breakbulk Traffic, on page 34, examines the German breakbulk hub Neustadt porta rising competitor to Europes breakbulk king the Ed Bastian, Director of Global Salesfor BBC Chartering USA Port of Antwerp. SALES ANDEvery week The Uncontained reports on breakbulk news from around the globe. Enjoy SPONSORSHIPS reading this Spring edition of The Uncontained and follow breakbulk industry every week at The Uncontained.com.Bill Bourbon - Northern Region Sales (617) [email protected] Valdez, Southern Region Sales (305) [email protected] Andrews, Europe Sales +44 7880 [email protected] Copyright Fleur de Lis Publishing, Inc.All rights reserved. [cover image] Reproduction in whole or in part without the permission of AALs Super B-Class MPV.The Uncontained is prohibited. The Uncontained cannot be See the full interview with Henrik Hansen on Page 14. held responsible for any unsolicited materials. PRINTED IN THE USA.'