b'to wind, liquid, dry bulks, transformers, generators and more,building. The port itself owns 500 contiguous acres so there were known for handling goods within incredible efficiency andis plenty of room for expansion and modernization, Bowman successfully taking on new challenges. Weve built our reputationmaintains.thanks to our incredibly skilled longshore workforce, our state-of- It has already started. The City of Vancouver, Washington is the-art facilities, our proximity to river, road and rail access andredeveloping its waterfront to become a big retail shopping our experience handling a diverse range of cargo. and entertainment destination for locals and tourists. Meantime,Thechangetodayiswitnessedinsometerminalrestruc- while the ports industrial sites are still actively looking for ten-turing.Ofthefiveterminals,theoriginalterminalonedatingants, said Bowman, it is 99% leased.back to 1920, which was the number one export gateway forIn2018,theWestVancouverFreightAccessProjectwas locally grown and harvested prunes, is being deconstructed,completed which was a decade long effort to vastly improve rail said Bowman. Vintage wooden pilings are being replaced withaccess. Today, the port is transited by the BNSF Railway, Union environmentally friendly pilings. The old Red Lyon hotel on thePacific Railroad, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Rail-Terminal 1 waterfront site near I-5 is gone, and a new AC Hotel, aroads and has connections to all seven Class I railroads in North 150-roomer managed by Marriott, has been built nearby. America, reported Bowman. It has 42 miles of track on port land Terminals two, three, four and five are marine industrialfacil- itself and is also a major hauler of wheat and grain exports.ities, with two, three and four used for wind components andMeanwhile,portofficialshaveastrongappetiteformore Subaru vehicle imports. Terminal five, which is also being recon- commodities that it has familiarity handling. Said Bowman: We structed,has 82 acres of laydown space adjacent to the terminalwould certainly welcome more automobiles.Wind components being unloadeded at the Port of Vancouver USASteel coils being unloadeded at the Port of Vancouver USABack to Contents THE UNCONTAINED 19'