b'AALS HANSEN EXPLAINS THE SUPER B-CLASS MPV AALs Henrik Hansen, General Manager, AAL Americas is excited about the companys new orders for the third generation Super B-class multipurpose vessels.By Chris Barnett, AJOTMay 2023 | Uncontained ExclusiveAJOT: AAL Shipping is taking a page out of Hollywoods movieAJOT:WhataretheprimarybenefitsandfeaturestheSuper industry releasing a short film introducing its mega-size 32,000B-ClasswilloffercomparedwithexistingMPVvessels?For DWT Super B-Class heavy lift vessel, the AAL LIMASSOL, a yearexample, how does AALs ECO DECK work?before its actual introduction to the global carrier marketplace. Is the goal to trigger word of mouth, excitement, advanced book- Henrik Hansen: The Super B-Class will offer flexibility and capa-ings? Or is there a different pre-debut marketing strategy? bility of handling complicated modules in combination with dry-, bulk, steel commodities, etc. Henrik Hansen: We are proud and excited of our new buildingIt will feature:program, which was announced in autumn of 2022, with the new building program of six MPP Dry Cargo ships, third generation3 x 350 tons crane capacity / combined 700 tons lift - heavy lift vessels, the Super B-class. All six vessels are plannedcompared to current fleet with 2 x 350-ton cranes. Three for delivery during 2024-2025 and will become part of the exist- cranes will allow for better stowage/outreach onboard the ing fleet of AAL. The newbuilds will have a crane capacity of 700vessels, improving flexibility and cargo intake. tons, cargo capacity of 60,000 FRT, two long-length box-shaped2 x long-length box-shaped cargo holds with adjustable holdswithadjustablepontoonsandnocenterlinebulkheads,bulkheads, which enable the vessels to load long length/which enables the ships to load a variety of commodities fromout-of-gauge cargo under deck. The current under deck dry bulk, heavy lift, and out-of-gauge cargo to general break bulkcapability of about 37.00 meters cargo length is almost cargo.doubled on Super B Class. The MPP segment and the whole technical scope continues toTween deck levels for holds # 1 and # 2 / flexible pon-evolve.toons allow for adjustable height and cargo segregation in Tonnage is growing bigger with a demand for increased capacitythe cargo holds. and efficiency, considering the cargo requirements, and designsTotal hold capacity of 41,500CBM are changing (to be bigger and with heavier modules). (14,400CBM respectively 27,100CBM)AAL is one of the largest MPP carriers. We operate in the biggerWeather deck length of about 150 end of the multipurpose segment and our current fleet accountsmetres equivalent to 3,880 SQM of cargo for about 688,000 DWT, with a heavy lift capability of up to 700capacity INCLUDING expandable deck on metric tons. S/B adding an extra 3.5 metres in width. The design is new and exciting with many new features, whichSuper B Class is a strong contender to thecurrentfleetdoesnotpossess.Wewantedtoshareourcommodities, traditionally carried on excitement for these new additions to our existing fleet and, justdeck, e.g., wind blades (renewables) and as importantly, to reconfirm our continued/ future commitmentthe trend of building longer and longer to our clients and marketplaces. Our motto is Powered by Part- blades for offshore windmill parks. nership which is the message we are relaying with the newbuild- These are just some of the new, ing announcement.improved features and capabil-ities we will be able to offer to our clients in the near future. Back to Contents THE UNCONTAINED 15'