b'the workers who are strong in the sciences and math and in thedevelopers coming to Humboldt Bay.STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skillsOetker told the audience that he is hopeful that permit approv-will be coming through Cal Poly Humboldt to work in tandem toals for the project will be completed by 2024 setting the stage for be successful We will also be using apprentice programs pro- subsequent facility and wind turbine assembly and construction.vided by the California Building Trades to provide qualified work- Oetker told AJOT that he expects that:The EIR (Environmental ers who have been trained in those apprenticeship programs. Impact Report)will be released in the next two months just to Andreini said that drug testing will be a hurdle to potentialregulatory agencies and not the public. The release of the EIR to applicants: We have not explored the drug testing issue butthe public will happen around November or December and then that may pose a problem in terms of being able to find qualifiedthere will be three months before we start the hearing process workers. on the EIR.Humboldts Wind Leadership Impact on FishingAndreiniwasfollowedbyLarryOetker,ExecutiveDirector,Oetker noted that one of many issues that needs to be resolved Humboldt Bay Harbor District, who said:I was just in a meetingis the impact of wind farm operations on local fishing. He said with (the ports of) San Diego, San Francisco, LA, Long Beach, andassemblyandconstructionofwindturbineswillcompetein Oakland. We are a couple of years ahead of these ports and thisHumboldt Bay with space that has been utilized for fishermen will be enhanced by our relationship with Crowley. and that there may be times when wind turbines are being floated Oetkerwentonout to sea that will block access for fishing boats entering and to explain:Crowleyleaving the harbor.is the leader in theHarrison Ibach, President, Humboldt Fishermens Marketing developmentofAssociation and Josh Mims, Del Norte Sea to Market Project offshorewindonManager,toldAJOTthattheyareconcernedthatwindfarm the East Coast anddevelopments will create more congestion in Humboldt Bay and they will bring theircomplicate their efforts to fish in the Pacific Ocean at a time supply chain exper- when both the crab and salmon seasons have been under con-tisetoourregion.siderable stress.WearelookingIbach said: The wind farm project is going to take up a lot of towards a long-termground that we use for fishing. Its a large area and a crucially relationshipwithLarry Oetker, Executive Director, important area.Crowley.CaliforniaHumboldt Bay Harbor District However, Ibach expressed the hope that fishing operations and has a goal of gener- wind farm operations could co-exist: There is a middle ground ating 25 gigawatts of wind power and Humboldt is poised to dohere somewhere. We want to avoid impacts as much as possible half to two-thirds% of that wind power. I want to thank Jeff andand then minimize impacts as much as possible. Inevitably, there Crowley. They challenged the Harbor District and the communityare going to be impacts. Were going to have to find our middle of Humboldt to be better. where we can all work together.Oetker told the audience that the Humboldt Bay Harbor District has focused on its relationship with the U.S. Army Corps of Engi-neers to provide steady dredging in Humboldt Bay.This dredging will improve the infrastructure for offshore wind Back to Contents THE UNCONTAINED 31'