b'BREAKBULK IS THEPORT OF VANCOUVER USASCALLING CARDWind blades being unloadeded at the By Chris Barnett, AJOT Port of Vancouver USAMay 2023 | Uncontained ExclusiveI mobile volume closely behind.n one of the geographical ironies of marine shipping, the most efficient way of moving massive wind blades and other projectKnudsen said the Nordex blades shipped upriver have reached cargoes into the energy hungry Canadian markets is through the77 meters (or 253 feet) long, but Bowman said the port is antic-Port of Vancouver Washington, that is, not British Columbia. ipating wind blades that are 84 meters (or 275.5 feet) long this Its the only way for us to really access the Alberta Province,year. They will originate from China, India, and South Korea, he CanadaandtheNorthwestmarketswithbreakbulkvessels.added.Andreas Knudsen, logistics sourcing manager for wind compo- Windcomponentoceancarrierscallingontheportare nent manufacturer Nordex USA in Chicago, told the AmericanG2Ocean, Oldendorff and PACC Line. We expect 15 to 20 ves-Journal of Transportation (AJOT). sels carrying wind energy components in 2023, said Bowman Windtowersaresohugetheyrequirepartialshipmentswho added the shipments began at the very end of Q1 in 2023 through several ports of entry into North America. The towersand will go through the end of Q3.themselves come in through the Gulf ports but the blades andWere not just a river and rail port but our terminals are right other components such as nacelles, drive trains and hubs movenext to Interstate 5, the West Coasts main north-south highway through the Port of Vancouver, Washington, he noted. fromCanadatoMexico,saidBowman.Wegetthem(wind Marketed as Port of Vancouver, USA, the port itself is 105blades) unloaded and put them on the barge or on the road to miles inland from the Pacific Ocean on the Columbia River with amultiple sites inAlberta and Saskatchewan.43-foot deep channel starting at the mouth. We are the farthestAs a breakbulk port, Vancouver USA is the number one US inland deep channel port on the Columbia,we are the largestimport gateway for Subaru automobiles. In 2022, over 82,000 gateway for wind, and we hold the record for the biggest windSubaru vehicles entered bound for US dealerships and the port blades imported into the U.S, said Casey Bowman, the portsexpects to handle between 87,000 and 89,000 Subarus in 2023, director of communications. according to Bowman.Moreimportantly,thePortofVancouverUSA,whichsetAs this is written, the port is undergoing some small but not volume and revenue records in 2021 and 2022, will return todrastic changes in its fundamental structure. Were proud to be those historical highs in 2023, Bowman predicted in an interviewone of the most experienced and well equipped ports on the US with the AJOT. West Coast for break bulk and heavy lift, said Julianna Marler, Wind energy towers will be a major driver, he added, with auto- port chief executive officer, in a statement to AJOT. From steel, 18'